The Barony of Iron Mountain is the Birmingham, Alabama chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The SCA is one of a large number of living history hobby organizations. Some of these groups focus on times such as the American Civil War or the American Frontier Settlement. The SCA's focus is on re-creating an idyllic slice of life based on the historical times now called the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Geographically, our focus is mainly on Western Europe but it also extends to any culture with which Europeans had contact.

If you have ever enjoyed a "Renaissance Faire" you will probably enjoy participating in the SCA. However, there is a large difference between the two. Renaissance Faires are usually money-making companies which primarily put on shows to entertain paying customers who may learn something in the process. The SCA is a non-profit educational organization which provides its members with an opportunity to participate in re-living the "days of yore". Instead of just sitting and watching a show we enjoy being part of the activities, making and doing things for ourselves, and even just finding out how those things were done so long ago. We learn about life in a bygone era through re-creating the best those times had to offer.

Like any club we have various local meetings and activities, which are run by the group officers, but the primary historical re-creation activity in the SCA is something we call an event. Our events do not usually attempt to re-enact specific historical events. Instead, we focus on re-creating the atmosphere of a day at a royal tournament, a Medieval festival or faire, or some other enjoyable activity of the time. An event may include tournaments or wars (the SCA's own sport based on Medieval tournament-style combat), craft competitions, classes on topics of interest, Royal Court (where awards are given), dancing, singing, and of course sumptuous candle-lit feasts!

The different administrative regions of the SCA are called Kingdoms. There are currently sixteen Kingdoms in North America, one which encompasses Europe, and one that includes Australia and New Zealand. The Barony of Iron Mountain is in the Kingdom of Meridies. (The term Meridies is, roughly translated, Latin for South.)

Local SCA chapters are called Cantons, Shires, or Baronies. A Barony is the largest type of local group with a minimum of thirty members. A Barony serves as mentor to its Cantons. Alabama is currently home to nine SCA chapters including two Baronies.

If you are interested in romance, honor, Chivalry, history, crafts, customs, feasts, or even just enjoy the ambiance of the Middle Ages, then the SCA is the club for you! For general information on the SCA, including membership information, please visit the official SCA website. You can find out more about Iron Mountain and our chapter's upcoming events by using the navigation links, or please feel free to contact our Web Minister . You are also welcome and even encouraged to just show up at any of our meetings or practices. Visitors and newcomers are always welcome in the Barony of Iron Mountain!


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