Order of Precedence of Meridies

1. Sovereign and Consort

2. Royal Heirs

3. Dukes and Duchesses

4. Counts and Countesses

5. Viscounts and Viscountesses

6. Territorial Barons and Baronesses

7. Members of the Orders of Chivalry, Laurel, and Pelican

8.Members of the Orders of High Merit

(Bough of Meridies, Velvet Owl, Scarlet Star, Sable Sword, Legio Ursi, Split Arrow, and Meridian Blade)

9. Holders of Grants of Arms


10. Members of the Order of Baronial Service

(Red Raven, Sable Gryphon, Sanguine Mountain, Dreamstone, Doubloon del Mar, Osprey's Jess, and Golden Iris)

11. Members of the Order of the Argent Comet

12. Holders of an Award of Arms

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